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There are blogs on almost any topic. There is a huge amount of information to sift through if you really need answers on strategic questions.

If you need opinions on a certain topic, like opinions on politicians, a specific brand, or product, it is likely you will use Google blog search to find blogposts relevant to your search string. The problem is, however, that you need to read them one by one to find the posts that are negative about the topic, or positive about the topic.

Via it is now possible to use the power of Google blogsearch in combination with the power of OpenDover. Via you can enter the searchstring, determine how many opinionated texts you want (5, 10, 20) and then sort the results on relevance, i.e. most negative first, most positive first. You can also search Twitter in the same manner, as Twitter is becoming the place for short opinions on topics.

Find answers on questions like:

  • Is Microsoft Windows Vista really as bad as everyone says?
  • What are people writing about my competitors?
  • What is the general opinion on professional Drupal services?

Now we offer the means for Marketing Managers, CEOs, Visionaries and other decision makers to accurately scan the internet for general opinions and people's emotions within certain boundaries and parameters, 24 hours a day.

  • Results are generated real-time and on the fly
  • Gives sentiments irrespective of the source language
  • Supports GoogleBlogSearch and Twitter


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