Opinion Miner


There are blogs on almost any topic. There is a huge amount of information to sift through if you really need answers on strategic questions.

But time is always short and marketing surveys are time-consuming and costly. Opinion Miner is all about mining for information and analyzing trends and opinions online. This way it saves a huge amount of time by offering a means to answer questions like:

  • Is Microsoft Windows Vista really as bad as everyone says?
  • What are people writing about my competition?
  • What is the general opinion on professional Drupal services?

Now we offer the means for Marketing Managers, CEOs, Visionaries and other decision makers to accurately scan the internet for general opinions and people's emotions within certain boundaries and parameters, 24 hours a day. Original articles are extracted from original feeds and tagged on various subjects (Yahoo Terms) and customized categories (Open Calais). From there we analyze content for opinions and emotional constructs based on linguistic algorithms and logic and apply emotion tags (using OpenDover, from Byelex).  This is where Drupal meets Java.

  • Easy setup
  • Drupal based Open Source modules
  • Instant results

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